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May 21, 2012


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Reality check

I'll tell you how Va Tech has remained relevant. Pathetic scheduling. They only play 1 or 2 tough teams a year and lose them. Especially that tough James Madison game they lost at home the year before. They also play in the weak division in a very Mediocre conference. Clemson blewout Va tech twice last year. Then Clemson gets destroyed by WVU. That proves how weak Va Tech actually is. They are fake tough. Every top 25 team hopes to play VT bc they know they are always overrated and they will get good credit for an easy win


Regarding Chad Scott's assertions: It is certainly true that money will not automatically mean greatness/championships. In the future, however, I believe it'll be a whole lot harder to compete year in and year out without it. Bad decisions, with or without money are bad decisions. As far as the examples given above, here are some replies.

VT - they have been fortunate to hold on to an excellent coaching staff for an extended period of time which is something that is already rare and will become exceedingly rare in my mind.

Tennessee has two issues, lack of players due to a poor pool of instate players and their rivals being good and keeping their own players in state (UGA, Bama). The second thing is bad hires that have set them back a few years.

Florida is on a down swing due to Urban Meyer losing quality assistants and checking out. You can't overlook 2 national championships in the past 6 years, though.

Part of it will be about facilities, etc, but the most important factor will be being able to pay assistants so they're not whisked away by the money teams.

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