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April 27, 2012


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1. It's for kids
2. It's not replacing Osceola & Renegade
3. No pooper scooper required
4. It's smart marketing
5. It expands FSU' brand options


"The reason is pretty apparent: A guy in a horse costume is much easier and more affordable to schedule -- not to mention logistics and on-site pooper-scooper duty -- than Osceola and his faithful steed."

This is incorrect. Osceola and Renegade are only endorsed for use by the Seminole Tribe at football games. That's why "The Warrior" and Cimarron (late 90s) were used at basketball games and other events. Check the ACC commercials, Osceola is never there, it's usually a cheerleader or "The Warrior."


The name "Cimarron" is not congruent with the Seminole tradition or the location of FSU. From the Free Dictionary: "Cim·ar·ron (sm-rn, -rn)A river rising in northeast New Mexico and flowing about 1,123 km (698 mi) eastward across southwest Kansas to the Arkansas River in northern Oklahoma."
Ahhh isn't the Okie Seminole Nation NOT in favor of our affiliation with the Seminole Nation? Why would we name this character after a river that is so far removed from the University and synonymous with the Southwestern US??? Name is a major "FAIL" IMHO.

Stephen White

Looks like a Halloween costume.

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